Sieu Chung Ky Factory – Long Hau – Long An

On August 3rd 2018, Sieu Chung Ky Joint Stock Company officially began the project of interior factory and showroom at the South of Long Hau industrial zone in Long Hau, Long An. The total price is about 150 billion VND, including the investment of basic construction: 75 billion VND. The estimate time for the project to finish is 05 months and will be divided into 02 phases: Phase 1, until the end of November, the production area will be finished and can go into production. Phase 2, will complete the office zone, officially come into use before in 2019.

sck nha may san xuat do go noi that tai KCN Long HauFactory area is equipped with high technology systems that imported from Germany, Italy, China… The factory includes wood, metal and sofa cover workshop… Alongside with SCK factory at An Khanh Industrialize zone, Hanoi, we can provide furniture not only domestically but also internationally.

sck mat bang nha may san xuat do go noi that tai KCN Long HauThe operation office and showroom is designed separately but still have connection with the production area. With 2 facades, SCK operation office in Long Hau is expected to become a hit in the region with an impressive design. SCK also wants eco-friendly image for the factory: reduce air-pollution, waste-free (zero-waste) and minimize energy in production.

sck nha may san xuat do go noi that tai KCN Long HauSCK factory project in Long Hau not only become a new milestone but also a commitment of SCK for the community, business partners and clients. The design of new factory are being completed by SCK and will be updated as soon as possible. Don’t forget to follow and keep yourself updated.

Project Overview:

  • SCK Long Hau complex includes the factory and operator, and showroom for display their products.
  • Total area: 8.000m2
  • Production floor area: 10.200m2/ floor
  • Office and showroom area: 1200m2