Siêu Chung Kỳ - Góc nhìn SCK


Sieu Chung Ky – In the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, despite being led by the UAE and playing in the harshness of the weather, the Vietnamese football team remained resilient until the last minute with two goals. Those did not change the outcome of the match. It definitely evidenced their motivation that was not crumble in the face of difficulties.

Spirit is the most powerful weapon

The most powerful weapon of the Vietnamese team is the spirit. From the snowy Changzhou journey until now, Coach Park’s team has made wonderful things. They brought the “Vietnamese Spirit” to the world. That’s a spirit of collective cohesion, never giving up and always saving every opportunity.

The Vietnamese team has grown from failures. That process has forged the qualities of a professional player. They are more sensitive, optimistic, and always stay calm. They may be weaker in terms of physical and level, but the spirit of the gold star warriors is not.

That persistent spirit keeps the players with a cool head to promptly recognize the holes, to quickly find ways to change tactics and coordinate well. Therefore, they deserve to be the only Southeast Asian team, and one of the 12 strongest teams in Asia in the final World Cup qualifying round.

Courage for the first time going out into the ocean

The World Cup is always a big dream. But that does not make the players self-deprecating and shy. Because no one can gain experience without experiencing the fear of failure. And no level can be raised without rubbing against stronger opponents.

The journey of the Vietnamese team is still so far. Despite facing many ups and downs, this is a test for teams with bravery and will. It is not by chance that a collective becomes united. It needs to be led and ignited by a “talented captain”. It needs the harmony of each individual, always being responsible, and knowing how to support teammates in tough times.

Let’s see every challenge as a last chance. Therefore, we have no choice so we must confidently break our comfort zone. Let’s move on together. Fear will pass. All because for the first time, we had the courage to swim out into the ocean.

Sieu Chung Ky

Image source: Tuoi Tre