Sieu Chung Ky – The Society has been developing. The urbanization also accelerates transformation. If urban planning is not based on indigenous cultures or traditional values, it’s so hard to create a stable and prosperous urban city.

The architecture reflects the development of a country based on sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and valuable works through time. Architectural works must pay attention to contribute to the development of society and human living space. This is evident which urban planning projects are opening up many opportunities for Vietnam.

Typically, the 40km-long draft project “Urban zoning planning on both sides of the Red River” is being determined by Hanoi to realize a “green urban miracle”. Similarly, the project “Improvement planning on both sides of Huong River” with more than 15km also focuses on the green landscape. The project’s criterion is “not to dam the heritage to build high-rise buildings” but aim to enjoy nature for the people of Hue.

In other provinces, which are also focusing on planning and investing a series of super projects, such as Phu Quoc, stands out with the model “The city without sleep” to urbanize based on tourism, or in Quang Ninh Central planning diversified key areas: Construction, real estate, commerce, resort tourism services….

The architecture industry is accompanying localities to concretize their spatial planning development strategies. Architects are still offering creative solutions through many different projects from building design, interior design, to bridge and road design, landscape design… All of them contribute the knowledge, skills, and capacity to create valuable works for the community.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Architect’s Day April 27, we wish all architects to be healthy and happy to dedicate themselves to the cause of building and developing sustainable Vietnamese architecture.

Sieu Chung Ky