Sieu Chung Ky Sometimes, straight things make us frustrated and uncomfortable. But bitter pills may have blessed effects. Straight sharing is not meant to demean each other. It is a sincere concern with the desire to improve and develop together.

That motivates us to always improve ourselves, to proactively catch all opportunities to overcome the challenges of the current pandemic. Let’s follow along with the 7 “diseases” that can ruin our careers at any time!

1. Silence

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Due to growing up in an educational environment passive, Vietnamese people are used to listening and becoming silent. When starting to work, they keep this habit that becomes a disease. Although the boss assigned the job, they were still silent even when they finished or not.

Having a problem in the middle that can’t be solved is also silent. If the boss doesn’t ask, you will let it go. Until you were asked, you would give all kinds of reasons why the work is not done, the project is unfinished.

This is a symptom of the disease’s lack of initiative, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. It’s a serious illness that will hinder any career growth ahead. If you have any of the above symptoms, you need to get treatment right away.

2. Blaming

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When asked why the work is not done, 99% of the answer is because of other people. You will learn nothing about the habit of blaming. Furthermore, It just shows that you are irresponsible, incompetent, and unreliable.

3. Talkative symptom

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When the results are not achieved and the boss asks why, or when the boss checks what they are doing, many young people react by telling about the ten thousand tasks they are doing.

It doesn’t matter how much you do. What matters is whether you get results or not. If you do a lot of things without producing results, it doesn’t make any sense.

4. Gossip 

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They do not have time to develop themselves, practice skills, but a day without whispering and gossiping is that day that lacks the spice of life.

Time wasted in vain on those mundane markets will haunt you for the rest of your life and leave you hanging around of your own making.

5. Ego 

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Despite lacking values, attitudes, knowledge, and skills, you still have a big ego. This paranoid ego will make you not have a chance to grow up.

6. Emotional symptom

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Because of your ego, you become an emotional type. People who cannot manage their emotions are those who lack EQ (emotional quotient). They will not see through the big picture, not understand the root of the problem and never do anything successfully.

7. Paranoia

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Someone who has graduated from university still does not have any job integration skills. Even though knowing nothing, they are still overconfident.

Sieu Chung Ky

(Content source: Nguyen Phi Van)