In August, the whole society was severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak again. This affects the manpower as well as the working conditions of Sieu Chung Ky (SCK) officers and employees.

However, SCK was lucky to receive much good news from winning bids of the important projects. That is the driving force that makes each SCK person optimistic at work, looking for ways to overcome difficulties and towards quality works.

Along with SCK review typical projects in August as General Contractor for interior design and construction:

The National Reporting Information System (Government Office)

SCK is honored to be an interior contractor with the interiors and wall furniture items. The National Reporting Information System is important points in order to improve the operational efficiency of State administrative agencies and serve the people and enterprises.

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Supreme People’s Court Of Vietnam

This key project was signed by SCK with the investor of Vinhomes Joint Stock Company in the items of wall furniture, wooden doors, wooden floors, sound absorption.

Hanoi An Sinh General Hospital

Hanoi An Sinh General Hospital is the first hospital designed according to HBN (Health Building Notes) standards from the UK. SCK received the project with the package of finishing and interior construction. The specific items include partitions, sanitary ware, fixed furniture, doors and accessories.

The project is located on Chau Van Liem Street, Phu Do Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. The highlight of the project is the tree-covered system that covers nearly 45% of the entire area according to HBN standards. The hospital aims to a friendly environment to help patients feel secure in rest and treatment. The project is scheduled to be completed in January 2021.

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Gateway International School – Starlake 

SCK implemented the package P03 to design and construct the multi-purpose hall with an area of 1021m2, including the following items: stage, wall, hall chair, internet … Project “Gateway International School – Starlake” is located at H3-LC Central area of Tay Ho Tay urban area, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
The project has an area of 20,800m2, meeting the standards of international schools with the inter-level system from kindergarten to high school.

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FPT Tower

SCK cooperates with FPT Corporation with the package of interior construction No. 20.1. Besides, SCA Architects also became an interior design consultant for the project. The FPT Tower project is designed with many green landscapes from the garden, lawn to the water park … This is a large-scale project, aiming to ideal working space for more than 1,000 employees.

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 In addition, SCK also continues to execute and prepare to hand over other projects to ensure on schedule as committed.

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