Sieu Chung Ky – When our life has not yet recovered, we have had to brace ourselves with a series of events due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It disrupted life, halted production and business activities, disrupted supply chains, and increased unemployment.

Now, when facing the transition of the new year, we have the opportunity to look back on a memorable journey of 2021. It was a journey of 365 days of constant movement and effort. 365 days was 365 lessons that help us grow from difficulties.

From social distancing to transitioning to the new normal, we learned to adapt to all circumstances. With 365 days that have passed, we had our own concerns. But no one was left behind because of a cohesive of SCK team. And despite all the difficulties, we all faced all the challenges.

We have faced reality frankly. We moved forward with steadfastness, honesty, enthusiasm with a calmer state of mind. We could not think too much about the past. Instead, be impressed with what we had done because success will come.

Thank you to my loved ones who have always been by my side and cheered me on for the past 365 days. And especially, thank you to our customers and partners who have always supported us during these difficult time

Entering the New Year 2022, Sieu Chung Ky wishes our Investors, Customers, Partners, and all employees a new year with lots of health, well-being, and achievements.

Sieu Chung Ky