Sieu Chung Ky – In the first 7 months of the year, Vietnam had more than 500,000 Covid19 cases, causing more than 80,000 businesses to go bankrupt or stop operating. Facing these difficulties, which “V.A.C.C.I.N.E” is suitable for businesses to both survive and retain customers?

Antibody factors of “V.A.C.C.I.N.E enterprise”

There is no best vaccine, only a vaccine that helps businesses create antibody shields to deal with the crisis. We need to realize that it is very difficult to go back to the way it was before, but we must learn to adapt. Instead of being passive, each enterprise needs to take advantage of the following 6 antibodies of V.A.C.C.I.N.E:

Firstly, V (Vietnamese DNA):

Focusing on the inherent characteristics of Vietnamese people. Always be persistent, firm and proactive in creating adaptive solutions. At the same time, know how to integrate multi-channel, multi-platform to improve the best customer care service.

Second, A (A+ Standard):

This is a golden time for businesses to improve quality standards from products and services to preferential policies. If you lower your standards or do not continuously improve product quality, it will be difficult to build trust and retain customers, or even eliminate yourself. It should be noted that: improving product quality does not mean increasing costs, but focusing on usability and better service experience for customers.

Third, C (Customer Centric):

When identifying customers as the center, we must have quality products and services to meet their needs. Businesses should not be busy focusing on PR in a cliché, or only care about revenue and profit, but forget to understand the emotions of customers. If you only think about your own profit, success will not last long. Make sure the people involved in the sale are satisfied. The seller is also happy and the buyer is also happy, not only one side benefit, one side loses. Don’t forget that customers are only “loyal to the product experience, not to us”.

Fourth, C (Cost to zero):

The time of separation is when businesses need to minimize unnecessary expenses to maintain the apparatus. Employees also need to be aware of minimizing activities that are not related to improving service and product quality. Because customers won’t pay for something that doesn’t give them a satisfying experience.

The development of multi-tasking employees is also an effective optimal solution. An employee can now perform a variety of tasks without necessarily following the old workflow. A salesperson can also do the part of accounting, marketing, human resources, or even shipper. As long as it brings “true value” and a satisfying experience to customers.

Fifth, I (In-house Service):

Most businesses have switched to working from home when forced to apply quarantine during the pandemic. In order not to interrupt the job source chain, businesses must pay more attention to improving internal quality through training skills such as: remote team management, using online meeting software or customer care tools. In addition, we should also apply information technology in management to control the quality of work remotely, improve customer management processes, production, sales, and build data systems safe.

Friday, N (Networking):

Due to the inability to meet face-to-face, the culture of sharing and networking gradually ascends to the throne. The more actively expanding the connection, the more it promotes the development of relationships not only internally but also with external customers. This is an opportunity to spread brand awareness as well as attract potential customers.

Finally, E (Employee First):

If the customer is the center, the company’s personnel plays the first essential role. Why? Each employee is the “brand ambassador” connecting businesses with customers. No promotional tool does a better job of virality than our ambassadors. They are the ones who bring the first product and service experience to customers. They also contribute to building customer trust with businesses.

If an employee is really satisfied and feels the inherent value of the product, it also means that the customer will have the same satisfaction experience based on trust. Besides, enterprises also need to pay attention in self-assessment, inspection and selection of employees who always have the spirit of the market and learning to develop a better team.

Customer trust is no shortcut

The goal of businesses is like a football team to win the matches. In any situation, we must find a way to survive and grow stronger. To do that, we need to define where the focus is.

The “customer-centered” should be the business philosophy of the enterprise. Businesses that bring good experiences to customers will receive free trust and spread to many other customers.

The process of building customer trust cannot take “shortcuts”, or just rush straight to revenue and profit and ignore all the benefits and emotions of customers. Bad returns are those that come at the expense of trust and relationships with customers.

The market is not only a place to do business but also to help customers have the best experience. Therefore, businesses need to have quick solutions to help customers satisfy their needs. Simultaneously grasp the market and understand the competitors to improve the quality of products and services.

Reflecting on Sieu Chung Ky’s journey over the past 25 years, we have built a prestigious brand in the field of interior design and construction with many customers’ beliefs and choices. However, the reality of the mission of “brand ambassadors” has not been effectively exploited. The reason is that we are focusing on selling based on the company’s reputation, but we have not really brought quality product and service experiences to customers.

“Customer is the center” has always been SCK’s business philosophy. But departments, or each employee, have not yet realized that importance and have not made appropriate changes to retain customers, especially in times of crisis.

Even so, SCK people are always “creative minds” to adapt and improve themselves every day. We always keep the spirit of a cohesive team to overcome all obstacles and conquer common goals. Especially the mission “Bringing true value to customers”.

The pandemic has brought about many great changes. Viruses also have more dangerous variants. Having a vaccine is a good approach. But that does not mean that they stop improving quality, refuse to change themselves or lack preparation to deal with many crises in the future.

Peter Drucker said that: “Anyone or an organization whose rate of change is slower than the rate of change in the external environment, the organization and that person are towards elimination”.

Sieu Chung Ky

(The content of the article is referenced from the seminar “Vaccines for businesses – Customer-centric or sales-centric” organized by CEM Partner, Kingsman, Rosa Bonita and FPT Telecom)